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The Cannabis Pop Up Event.


Cannabus Group is currently the only full-service Pop Up and cannabis catering company. Offering our customers a fully equipped private cannabis retail store- stocked with all the cannabis the party needs. Originally starting out as that of a food truck, Cannabus Group has had to adapt to the ever-changing regulations. Using our experience in catering to hundreds of people in the streets, we are confident that your event will be filled with shock and excitement. As of recently Cannabus Group has been establishing itself as The Cannabis Pop Up Event.   


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Bringing innovation into an emerging industry is what we set out to accomplish. Executing on an idea that so many have thought of, yet none have been able to accomplish has brought forth many issues and opportunities that no one could have seen coming. From getting stranded on the side of the grape vine to getting harassed by the police, the city and the competition, we've seen it all. Come follow us on our journey and watch our full length documentary episodes as we set out to become the household name for cannabis catering services. Learn More